One of Hong Kong's most prominent galleries of Chinese Antiques

...with over 48 years of experience.

Mr. Martin Fung has been dealing Chinese antiques since the 70's. He first started with various decorative works of art that catered to international interior designers and collectors. His exposure to various sources and clients helped him expand his knowledge and expertise in many categories of Chinese art.

Through the years, he has built a reputation of being a dealer of scholar's works of art. These can be comprised of any material and form in the gamut of Chinese decorative arts. He has had a hand in forming important collections for discerning collectors in the years he has been travelling.

He is a secretary and member of the Antiquities Appraisal Committee of the Hong Kong Art Craft Merchants Association, participating in the editing and the design of their promotional brochure, "Something Old Something New".

As an experienced antique dealer, he was privileged to have been invited to exhibit in the first annual Beijing International Chinese Antique Fair in the winter of 2007. Since 2006, he has been present in many important and high profile antique fairs that take place yearly in Hong Kong. He has also been a host for lectures on lacquer and works of art in antique fairs and was interviewed by Phoenix TV in 2012.

In recent years, he has had a particular interest in the connoisseurship of Chinese Lacquer. With other enthusiasts, respected dealers and seasoned collectors, he has participated in consultations for collections and publications. He is eager to seek and share insight into this important category of Chinese decorative art.

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